Texas search and recovery team to deploy drones, paragliders in search for baby Joe Clyde

    PHOTO: Joe Clyde Daniels-FOX 17 News

    NASHVILLE, Tenn.--A Texas organization dedicated to the search and recovery of missing persons will aid in the search for the body of Joe Clyde Daniels.

    Texas EquuSearch Midwest Chapter Director Dave Rader says the organization has been assisting in the search for Joe Clyde Daniels but the team plans to "throw everything at it" during a search on June 2nd.

    Texas EquuSearch consists over over 1,000 members and was founded by Tim Miller, the father of a woman abducted and murdered in 1984. Texas EquuSearch has assisted in over 1,800 searches, working with law enforcement and claiming the recovering the remains of 238 missing persons.

    Although the Dickson County Sheriff's Office has not confirmed or released specifics on a search, Rader says his team plans on working with police and the TBI for a search consisting of only professionals.

    Rader and his group assisted in last week's large-scale search and has used remote control sonar in a pond to search for remains. That search came up empty.

    "Our forte is large scale searches," Rader said. "We had a lot to do during the recent search for Joe Clyde."

    This time, Rader says he and his team plan to expand the search area to a ten mile perimeter from the Daniels home.

    "We're going to have another search group of professionals from Oklahoma and a firefighter from Chicago for this search," Rader said.

    Rader says the group anticipates using a drone and fan propelled paragliders for the upcoming search. Rader says on the ground, searchers will not use horses or ATVs, opting to conduct a more detailed sweep. The paragliders will be used since they can land at sites of interest if something is spotted from the air.

    Rader has been involved in multiple searches through the years, starting his career assisting law enforcement in the search for Caylee Anthony in Florida, daughter to Casey Anthony. Rader says this will be his fourth time assisting and coordinating with law enforcement in the search for Joe Clyde.

    On Wednesday night, FOX 17 News exclusively learned the stated motive for the alleged murder of the non-verbal, autistic 5-year-old.

    A source extremely close to the case says father Joseph Daniels beat the boy to death for urinating on the floor. Daniels has been charged with murder and told police he had disposed of the body.

    Although he gave police several locations of where he disposed of the boy's body, none have panned out. Dickson Police have been conducting smaller, targeted searches but expanded the search to a large scale one including volunteers.

    Alleged murder of Joe Clyde

    Joe Clyde Daniels, a 5-year-old boy with autism who was non-verbal, was reported missing to 911 by his father, Joseph Daniels, in the beginning of April.

    That prompted an Endangered Child Alert issued by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and a days-long massive search conducted on land, by air and in waterways.

    Days after reporting Joe Clyde missing, Joseph Clyde was charged with his murder. An affidavit said the father admitted to beating his son to death. A source extremely close to the investigation told FOX 17 News that Joseph beat his son because he urinated on the floor.

    Joe Clyde’s mom, Krystal Davis, was also arrested in his death nearly a week after the 5-year-old was reported missing. She’s charged with aggravated child neglect or endangerment after an affidavit said she was present the night Joseph beat their son to death and tried to help cover up the crime.

    Both Daniels are behind bars, with a “missing” flyer of Joe Clyde in their inmate quarters, per the Dickson County Sheriff’s Office.

    Officers told FOX 17 News Joseph has given police several locations of Joe Clyde’s body, but “none have panned out.”

    Hundreds showed up for a recovery effort to help find baby Joe’s body in a coordinated search in mid-May. That search came up empty and the young boy’s body has still not been found.

    The Daniels have a court appearance slated for June 4.

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