Tennessen editorial board explains decision to turn on Mayor Barry

(Fox 17 News)

The fallout from four separate investigations into Nashville's mayor hit a fevered pitch this week after the left leaning Tennessean Newspaper and the USA Today Network Tennessee call for Megan Barry to resign this week. David Plazas delivers the video opinion piece on behalf of the three member editorial board saying in part, “For the sake of Nashville Mayor Barry must resign…. We expected more from Mayor Barry. We endorsed her in 2016.”

In our interview Friday afternoon, Plazas explains he had no choice, but to speak truth to power adding, “It's one I feel very humbly about. I don’t feel arrogant or good about writing this editorial, but I feel it was the right thing to do.”

When the news outlet endorsed Megan Barry in 2015, they did so because of her progressive agenda on affordable housing, transit & inclusion. Now Plazas says, “That agenda is at risk. It's imperiled.”

They say the call for her resignation is not about the moral issues associated with her affair. For them, it's about abuse of power and breach of public trust.

More excerpts from the video op-ed piece include hard numbers and facts to back the editors’ stance, “From (Sgt. Rob) Forrest accruing $170K in overtime over the last three years which included trips between him and the mayor overseas and domestically…

The mayor and her staff have only been cooperative and transparent when they've been forced to…. What has emerged however, has been incredibly disappointing.”

Plazas says he fully expected big fallout from liberals after his newspaper's about face adding, “It’s been the opposite. I’ve gotten calls from readers, sources, online comments overwhelmingly saying you did the right thing.”

Voters and taxpayers Fox 17 News talked to like Zacharly Kaplan echo the paper’s editorial saying, “I think we need a better support system and better leadership behind Nashville. We're a growing city and we need a strong backbone on the front end.”

Brennan Wills says, “I think she should probably do everybody a favor and take off.”

Jerry Fisher takes the opposite stance saying, “They should back off of her because if she did anything she shouldn't have done, it will all come out in the wash.”

The editorial board also says hiding behind what's known as "deliberative process" when Barry is asked to turn over evidence is within her rights. However, they say she's not being true to the principals she ran on of ethics and transparency.

Click here to watch their full piece.

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