Tennessee wildlife officials: Woman's rescue efforts of bobcat turn dangerous in her home


Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officials are reminding the public to not bring wild animals home after a woman who was trying to help a bobcat turned into a dangerous situation inside her home.

Officials said the West Tennessee resident picked up what she believed was an "injured" bobcat on a road.

The woman placed the bobcat, which aren't unusual in Tennessee, in her vehicle and took it home. The woman was hoping to bring the bobcat to a licensed rehabilitator -- but the animal recovered during the night and became "unmanageable" in her laundry room.

TWRA officials were called to the scene, where they were able to examine the bobcat, determine it was healthy and release it back to the wild.

A post on TWRA's Facebook page read, "TWRA emphasizes once again not to pick up injured or perceived "orphaned" wildlife!"

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