Tennessee Titans star Jurrell Casey says he will protest during National Anthem

PHOTO: Tennessee Titans via WZTV

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee Titans star Jurrell Casey says despite new NFL rules on protesting during the National Anthem, he plans to remain on the field and protest.

Casey made the statements to CNN Sport on Wednesday, saying he is "going to protest during the flag."

Casey told CNN people are "messing up" on their interpretation of protests. "It's not about the anthem," adding "if everybody could understand about where we come about the injustice in America, the way the justice system treats minorities is the issue that we have."

In May, the NFL issued a new rule which would fine teams with players who do not stand for the anthem and "show respect." The NFL gave players and teams the option to remain in the locker room if they choose not to stand for the anthem.

Commissioner Roger Goodell will also be able to impose "appropriate discipline" on players and personnel who do not stand.

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