Tennessee representative's 'Blue Lives Matter' bill met with concerns


A Tennessee representative has introduced a bill in reaction to recent police shootings that have raised concerns about officer safety following civil unrest.

Police have been targeted in ambush gun attacks in Missouri, Texas and Florida.

Rep. John DeBerry (D-Memphis) said he wants to offer police extra protection from these types of attacks.

In February, he introduced a bill that would penalize anyone who violently targets anyone in law enforcement, particularly in retaliation for officer involved shootings.

Some members of the African American community talked with DeBerry and expressed their concerns with the bill during a special visit to the State Capitol this week.

They told DeBerry they believe the bill may open the door for increased racial profiling. They also called the bill’s language vague and subjective.

Fox 17’s Harriet Wallace caught up with DeBerry in his office to discuss concerns some have with the proposed bill and what changes he has planned following that meeting.

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