Tennessee Rep. speaking at DNC in Philadelphia

Tennessee State Representative Raumesh Akbari is Democratic Party Convention this week. (WZTV)

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. -- Raumesh Akbari has been a State Representative less than three years but Thursday she'll be among the speakers at the Democratic Party Convention.

"When they called me I was so excited couldn't believe it," said Akbari. "It is definitely going to be a unique experience."

Akbari believes she was chosen to speak because she supported Clinton early in the campaign and helped organize grass roots events.

She's hoping to reach younger voters who have been supporting Sen. Bernie Sanders instead of Hillary Clinton.

"I want people to realize yes your candidate might not have won but let's focus on the issues. That's what's important. We need to pick the candidate that's going to move our issues forward," said Akbari.

The speech is another sign Clinton's camp is reaching out to Sanders' supporters who've shown resistance to supporting Clinton.

Monday some of them booed whenever Clinton's name was mentioned at the convention.

Vanderbilt Political Science Professor Bruce Oppenheimer points out that opposition may be more noticeable on television because there are so many delegates in Philadelphia.

"You're dealing with over 4000 delegates, if you have 10 percent of those delegates that's 400 people that can be sizable or sound pretty sizable," said Oppenheimer.

Akbari hopes to sway them to Clinton and in the process show something she believes is a big difference between Clinton and Republican Donald Trump.

The Memphis State Representative is the daughter of an immigrant from Iran who came to America to get his master's degree.

"I think that's what the American dream is about people coming to this country to have a better life. To form a family because a part of our story," said Akbari.

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