Tennessee man who threatened President had 'school shooter written all over him'

Andrew Long Ryan (Robertson County Jail

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--The criminal complaint filed against a Tennessee man charged with making threats against President Donald J. Trump reflects fears the man was "close to committing mass murder."

Andrew Long Ryan, a former Bowling Green Police officer living in Greenbrier, has been charged with making threats on social media against President Trump during the president's visit to Nashville on May 29. Among the threats are a Twitter post stating "I will kill Donald Trump if you don't follow my leader's lead."

A statement from the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Middle District of Tennessee also cited concerns of Ryan's erratic behavior before he made the social media posts.

The support document to the criminal complaint filed by a Secret Service agent details the erratic behavior which caused concern among family members on law enforcement.

According to the report, Ryan had been on the radar of the Federal Protective Service and FBI since at least January of this year. The report states on January 3, Ryan's father-in-law was interviewed and told the agents he "feared that Ryan was close to committing mass murder." The father-in-law advised Ryan was believed to be manic, bi-polar, and narcissistic.

The man also advised Ryan had stayed at a mental health facility in Murfreesboro but was not taking medication prescribed to him. Agents were also notified Ryan owned several weapons and those weapons were the first thing Ryan inquired about after his release from the mental health facility.

The FPS agent involved in the interviewed contacted Greenbrier Police about the concerns and the agent was told by the Chief and Deputy Chief of their own concerns. According to them, "all of the senior members of the department were concerned for the safety of Ryan's family or anyone, to include GPD officers, who came into contact with Ryan."

Deputy Chief Randy Pack told investigators Ryan was "the kind of individual you hear about on TV after a horrific incident."

Ryan's family took out an order of protection against him in February via the Circuit Court in Warren, Kentucky. The order instructed Ryan to turn over any and all firearms in his possession. That same day, Ryan sent a text message to a family member stating among other things "Friends, family, federal. Doesn't matter. God says they might get shot."

Investigators seized a 12 gauge shotgun, .22 caliber rifle, 5.56 caliber rifle, and .40 caliber Glock handgun from Ryan's home.

Another interview with A Greenbrier Police Department Lieutenant also indicated fears by those in the community. Lt. Todd Dorris informed agents he believed Ryan was a "ticking time bomb" and had "school shooter written all over him."

Investigators interviewed Ryan on June 8 at the Robertson County Sheriff's Office after Ryan was arrested for violating the order of protection filed by family. During the interview, Ryan admitted to the social media postings which he admitted to writing. Ryan told them he wasn't stating that he would kill the president but rather God would "take his life.

Ryan believed the President was required to "restore" his family to him and believed at some point President Trump is "gonna meet with me or call me."

Agents report an interview which lasted an hour and a half which included delusions and the belief the FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security were either "after him" or watching him. Ryan also explained how he believed God spoke to him and how he was done "following man's rules."

Investigators add records obtained from one of Ryan's mental health evaluations reported him suffering from schizophrenia and delusional thinking.

Ryan has been charged with two counts of making threats against the president. He faces five years in prison on each count.

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