Tennessee family creates device to protect children from potentially deadly bike danger

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    NASHVILLE, Tenn.--Two Tennessee parents have created a device to protect children from the potentially deadly danger of bicycle handlebars.

    Just this month, the online cycling magazine 'Bicycling' published a report of a little 6-year-old Washington boy who died after he was impaled by his handlebar.

    According to the report, the boy was riding outside the family home when he lost control of the bike and the handlebar twisted, hitting the pavement. The boy's body fell into the other side of the handlebar, striking him in the abdomen.

    The end of the grip had worn, exposing the metal of the grip and resulting in injuries that led to his death.

    Tennessee parents Dave and Judith Meyer had a similar experience, though their 4-year-old son Luke survived. The boy had a similar fall from his bike, but he was not impaled and showed no visible bruising.

    Things changed overnight when Luke fell ill with chills and a fever. After taking him to the hospital, the parents found out the handlebars had punctured his small intestine.

    After learning such injuries are more common than thought -according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information- Luke's parents created a device of their own to help keep other kids from suffering the same injuries.

    Dave and Judith created a mushroom-shaped molded plastic device which fits on the end of handlebars. Dubbed the 'handlebar helmet,' Dave and Judith have launched their invention online and hope it will help other families.

    "The scar is a constant reminder to me that maybe I didn’t do enough to protect my son. It is my job to keep him safe, and I felt like I had failed," says Judith Meyer.

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