VIDEO: Tennessee explorers talks dangers of caving


After recent events in Thailand, Tennessee cave explorers are alerting the public to beware of flooding and "break downs" in local caves.

A boys soccer team and their coach were all rescued Tuesday after spending three weeks being trapped in a cave in Thailand. Seasonal rains flooded the entrance, forcing them further in, the path to save them was a winding one.

Kelly Roberts with Cumberland Caverns said there are 10,000 caves in Tennessee, the most caves per state in the U.S., and explorers are finding new ones all the time.

Roberts along with long time explorer Bill Walter gave FOX 17 News a tour of a cave on Tuesday afternoon to further explain what exactly to be careful of while exploring caves.

"Something like Thailand could happen in Tennessee, it would not happen in one of the commercial caves our cave does not flood, but even the commercial caves that do flood they keep a close eye on the weather and they will shut down if there's going to be any inkling that there's going to be a flood or high water," Roberts said.

Bill Walter has 65 years of caving experience and he actually rescued people who were stuck in a cave on his property years ago.

"Wet caves can be dangerous too, of course the Thailand incident gave everybody a picture of what can happen, and Tennessee caves can flood," Walter said.

“When you go out there's rules of three in order to stay safe, you always need three sources of light, you need to have three people with you caving, and you always need to tell someone who's not in your party where you're going,” Roberts said.

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