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Tennessee bill argues using tax money to subsidize abortions a First Amendment violation

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV)--A new piece of legislation filed in the Tennessee General Assembly argues the use of tax dollars for the use of subsidizing abortions is a violation of the First Amendment and should be banned.

Filed by Representative John Ragan, R-Oak Ridge, HB1490 states policies which fund abortion facilities with tax dollars favors the religion of secular humanism, putting it over other religions.

Secular humanism is defined as the belief humanity is capable of moral and self-fulfillment without the belief in God. Speaking with FOX 17 News, Ragan says there are clear grounds for the bill. "The Supreme Court has ruled atheism is a religion. Under secular humanism, man is his highest judge and it is a belief system," Ragan says. "Given the Supreme Court's ruling, secular humanism should be considered an outgrowth of humanism."

Ragan's bill goes on to state those who do not believe in secular humanism are being forced to "enable convenience abortions because appropriations coercively cause them to violate their conscience by forcing them to indirectly endorse nonsecular acts" through the use of their tax dollars.

The bill adds "Some taxpayers in Tennessee consider convenience abortions to be modern day child sacrifice conducted on the altar of convenience." Ragan says the bill is just the latest example of his support for anti-abortion legislation. "This is a bill driven by extremes I've seen in New York, New Jersey, and proposed in Virginia. My moral code makes laws like the one passed in New York unacceptable."

The bill prevents tax dollars from being used directly or indirectly for the subsidization or facilitation of abortion. Ragan says it would not surprise him if the bill faces legal challenges -if passed- and he looks forward to the debates with fellow legislators in subcommittees.

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