Tennessee AMBER Alert subject now charged in deadly Exxon shooting

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UPDATE: A Tennessee teen at the center of an amber alert is now charged in the murder of a gas station clerk in West Nashville.

Business owners are in shock after a clerk at the Exxon on Charlotte Pike is shot to death Wednesday morning.

"We're just in shock it's a store that we frequent everybody in the neighborhood for somebody that we would know to be shot and killed needlessly it's horrible, said Michael Bryan.

An hour later, Daniel Clark and 15 year old Trinity Quinn, the subject of an East Tennessee amber alert are arrested by swat officers.

"Both are homicide suspects. it is this police departments belief that Miss Quinn had opportunity at the market to flee. We do not see any indication she was being held against her will," said Police Spokesperson Don Aaron.

Police believe the pair walked to Exxon after their van broke down at a nearby Walmart.

Investigators describe what happened next.

"Mr. Stevens attempted to get the gun away or not get away from his head. At that point Mr. Clark took a step back and open fire. Mr. Stevens was shot multiple times," said Aaron.

Police say Cark shot out the windows of a vehicle in the parking lot after the keys he took from the victim didn't work.

A truck driver spotted Quinn standing on the side of the road and called police.

"Once our special response team got on the ground they could see them back in the Wood line sitting on the embankment."

The couple didn’t' resist but police say they had a gun in the backpack found at the scene.

The arrests marked the end of a crime spree that leaves residents shaken.

"Just sadness that somebody could have such hatred in their heart to kill somebody. This is somebody that was killed that has family that has friends. All we can do is say a prayer," said Bryan.


NASHVILLE, Tenn.--The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has issued a statewide AMBER Alert for the missing, endangered teen believed to be with a man who killed an Exxon gas station clerk in Nashville.

Quinn was last seen at the Exxon station at 6955 Charlotte Pike in Nashville at 10pm Tuesday night when the clerk was killed.

She was last seen wearing a dark shirt with a camouflage hoodie and blue jeans.

The TBI says Daniel Aaron Clark should be considered armed and dangerous. The TBI says Trinity is in "imminent danger of bodily injury or death."

Anyone who spots Quinn or Clark should call 911 immediately.

Trinity Quinn is described as a white female, age 15, 5' tall, with blue eyes and red hair. Quinn weighs 110 pounds.

Clark is described as a white male, age 28, with brown hair, brown eyes, standing 5'10" and weighs 168 pounds. The TBI has added Clark to the TBI's Top 10 Most Wanted list.

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