Tennesseans weigh-in on Pres. Trump barring transgender people from the U.S. military


A series of Tweets by President Donald Trump on Wednesday angered some members of the transgender community in middle Tennessee.

On Wednesday, the President expressed his plan to ban transgender people from serving in the U.S. military in any capacity. Carla Lewis is one of those feeling angry.

“I’m beyond infuriated," Lewis said. "I was so mad this morning I was shaking. Here we have a man, who during his campaign promised to support my people, and he hasn't."

President Trump tweeted the government will not allow transgender individuals to serve in the military in any capacity.

Lewis said it's that kind of policy that destroyed her Air Force Career a year after she enlisted in 1990.

“In reviewing my records, they were able to see that I had seen a counselor for gender issues. That started my discharge, said Lewis.

At the time, Lewis was a husband and father of two children. The Air Force labeled her a security risk with a mental disorder.

“I had a family," Lewis said. "Here I was losing my job losing my health care benefits. I had invested two years into the Air Force. I was counting on that to continue paying for my education."

Lewis worries the same thing will happen to some of those currently serving.

“I've got friends right now that are serving active duty overseas. They're wondering when their commanders going to come in and tell them to pack their bags,” said Lewis.

Pastor Dale Walker of the Tennessee Pastor's Network supports the President's statements.

“We do not need military men and women dealing with politically correct issues on the battlefield,” Walker said.

Walker believes it's dangerous distraction. while Carla Lewis thinks the opposite is true.

“Here's something most people don't understand about transgender people,” Lewis said. "You want them serving in the military because there people that can go through anything and not quit.”

“For those that feel it's unfair they have probably never been in a foxhole or in a situation where their life is on the lawn or somebody else's life is on the line,” Walker said.

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