TDOT works to fix longtime flooding issue on Murfreesboro Road

(Fox 17 News)

Drivers and businesses along a large stretch of Murfreesboro Road has battled flooding issues for years, but TDOT said a fix will be in place by August.

Several drivers said traveling along Murfreesboro Road on a rainy day is risky. Shaun Paull said he’s been working along the road 20 years and has witnessed many flooding problems.

“A lot of gushing water,” Paull said. “I mean it gets a couple inches deep.”

Paull said the flooding even ruined his car.

“Hopefully the ground doesn't cave in or anything because I mean the constant water here can cause stuff like that, like sinkholes,” Paull said.

Tony Jones works at Discounted Tires also along Murfreesboro Road. Born and raised in Nashville, Jones said the flooding has been a problem more than 40 years.

“We've seen several cars get stalled out from the high waters,” Jones said.

Sometimes when it rains, police have to close the road, which Jones said is bad for their business.

“Yeah we may slow down for the hour that the rain is going or we just close up for the day,” Jones said.

But relief is in sight. TDOT is working on a $4.2 million dollar improvement project along Murfreesboro Road between East Thompson Lane and Briley Parkway. They’re adding a box culvert to improve drainage.

Fox 17 News also checked in with Metro Water Services. Right now there are seven projects underway to fix drainage issues, including projects on Kenner Avenue and Shady Tree Lane. Whites Creek Pike and 11 other projects are still pending.

The graphic below outlines the locations and percentage completed as of Jan. 27, 2018. Metro Water Services provided $1 million toward the Murfreesboro Road project that TDOT is working on right now.

In the meantime, there are still several months before Murfreesboro Road is fixed. TDOT said the project will be completed August 31st, 2018.

“It’s a very busy area too,” Shaun Paull said. “A lot of businesses, a lot of families rely on this road being maintained and taken care of and as a taxpayer it's good to see them taking care of this stuff.”

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