TDOT adds fourth crews to fill potholes on Tennessee roads


Wade Suttle with All in Tire and Auto Repair said this winter has been especially bad for potholes.

He said he has dealt with countless customers who are aggravated over the mess.

“With the winter weather, it’s been a little more extreme this year than last year," Suttle said. "We’ve definitely seen an increase of bent wheels, cracked wheels, busted tires."

“This one here was actually a pothole that actually sent them to the curb and damaged the wheel,” Suttle said.

Fox 17 News decided to check out what it's like out there for ourselves. Starting on I-440, we spotted potholes throughout the interstate.

On I-40, where TDOT crews worked around the clock today patching pot holes, it’s a much smoother ride on certain stretches of highway.

“It’s pothole season we get them all day all night rain snow,” said Greg Woerderman with TDOT.

Greg Woerdeman is TDOT’s District Operations Supervisor . He said during the day, three crews work to patch potholes. Recently, the department added a fourth overnight crew along with an on call crew to stay ahead of the curve.

"I mean honestly be cautious, be patient," Woerderman said. "Our crews are out there just trying to work and get it fixed for everybody. Their families are driving out there too."

TDOT said some of the other problem spots are on I-24. Additionally the department has a huge resurfacing project on I-40 from Church Street to Fesslers Lane this summer, which will be the permanent fix to that stretch of highway.

Until then, crews will have to patch potholes until the weather warms up.

If your car is damaged by a pothole on a state road or highway you can file a claim with the state of Tennessee to possibly get reimbursed.

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