Surge in Antioch violent crime worries residents

(MGN Online)

With four shootings in four days, violent crime reports in Antioch have long-time residents worried about the future of the south Nashville neighborhood.

Is it just a run of bad coincidences or a violent trend? Either way, neighbors say they're tired of it.

Metro leaders say it's a growing problem all throughout Nashville, and Antioch doesn't deserve all the blame it's been getting. But, residents say there's a stigma to living there, one they hope, goes away.

Neighbors say during the day, Country Way Road, for example, is peaceful and quiet.

But come nightfall, residents say it's loud and they go to sleep to the sound of aggressive fights.

"I had just gotten off work and I heard some arguing outside, which is fairly normal in this area," said neighbor Traci Simms. "You just hear people arguing, so I didn't think anything of it, but then I heard what sounded like a gunshot."

Simms is referring to a shooting that happened on her street just after midnight Tuesday following a heated argument between neighbors, marking the fourth Antioch shooting in just days.

"I went to college out of state and there was somebody who was from Nashville, and when they asked where I was from, they grimmaced, so I guess it does have a reputation."

Michael Cook, a 40-year resident, said he remembers a time when the area wasn't the way it is now.

"Now, you've got to be careful, you've got to watch," Cook claims.

His favorite lunch spot, the Waffle House, was the scene of a massacre a few months ago.

"Well there's so much stuff happening all over the news in Antioch, it's always the same thing in Antioch," Cook says of the dangerous crime.

Cook said he stays for the affordable housing, a reason many neighbors cited.

Metro Police said there's an important difference between isolated, targeted crime, and random crime. The former is what officials say Antioch has been primarily experiencing.

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