Sumner County expected to grow by 5,000 new homes


As Music City keeps expanding, so do surrounding areas like Hendersonville and Gallatin.

Now, 5,000 new homes are set to go up in those parts of Sumner County.

Many describe Hendersonville as a quaint little place; one of the hidden gems on the outskirts of the Music City.

And now people are finding out about it.

“I guess that's just typical of being in the "it city" and being a secret so long,” said Parks Group realtor Cameron Tucker.

She's lived in Hendersonville for 12 years and says things are starting to get pretty crowded, especially those morning commutes.

“When we go to the airport during rush hour, it takes us just as long to get out of Hendersonville as it does to get to the airport,” she said.

And it's about to get even more crowded. Almost 5,000 homes are coming to Hendersonville and Gallatin, as well as another school cluster.

“That's a ton! That's a ton. I think a 600-home subdivision is huge, and that takes years to build out,” she said.

“It's going to increase the already long wait by God knows how long,” said parent Aaron Watts.

He’s talking about the car line at the Station Camp Elementary School.

“You get here early enough, you're here for 45 minutes,” he said.

Parents say area schools are already packed, and the area isn't ready to deal with this.

Tucker says growth is generally a good thing, but it has to be managed correctly, and people – of course – have concerns.

Watts' concern is that he'll have to spend even more time sitting in line instead of working.

“When I’m here, I’m not working.”

Everyone is hoping for the best, and Tucker just hopes people will take care of the city she loves.

“As one of my friends said, they're loving it to death.”

People are also concerned about crime, saying that's just a natural extension of that many people moving into an area in a small period of time.

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