STUNNING VIDEO: Albino deer spotted in middle Tennessee

Courtesy Davy Talley

Several lucky middle Tennesseans have spotted rare Albino deer in the Brentwood area.

The latest video comes from Davy Talley. Talley spotted the stunning buck on Dec. 20 roaming in his backyard.

On Christmas Eve morning, the Madsen caught an Albino deer walking with several other deer in their backyard as well.

A few weeks ago, Amy Henderson Hall spotted an Albino 12-point buck in Williamson County. Hall said it frequents the Brentwood and Nolensville areas.

On her Facebook page, Hall called it a "once in a lifetime experience." The 12 point buck walked up under Hall and stayed there for 30 minutes while she took photos and video. "I teared up and was totally amazed."

On Jan. 2, Coach Anderson spotted an albino deer in the morning hours while heading towards Ashland City, Tennessee.

It's unclear if all the videos show the same or different deer - but all are equally stunning!

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