Statements released after Nashville Mayor's job recommendation questioned

(FOX 17 News)

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry was one of several people who gave a job recommendation for the adult daughter of her head of security with whom she had an affair with, FOX 17 News has learned.

Metro Communications Director Sean Braisted said the daughter began the interview process with the Department of Law in 2014, was offered the job in 2015 and began working in the position in 2016.

Braisted said Barry and her head of security Metro Sgt. Rob Forrest weren’t having an affair when the daughter was hired, interviewed or started working for Metro.

The job was an entry-level city attorney that Metro Legal Deputy Director Mike Safley said was created for the “department to meet its increasing needs.”

Barry was sworn in as mayor in September 2015. She previously told FOX 17 News and other media outlets that her affair with Forrest began shortly after she started her position as mayor.

“She first interviewed with the department on November 21, 2014. She continued to express interest in the job on various occasions over the next year. In the Fall of 2015, a new attorney position was created to help the department meet its increasing needs. Based upon the interviews that had been conducted and recommendations received from others, both inside and outside the government, it was determined that [she] would be an excellent choice. Mayor Barry was just one of the people recommending her. [The daughter] was offered the job in December of 2015.” – Metro Legal Deputy Director Mike Safley

Forrest was the head of security for former mayor Karl Dean and Bill Purcell.

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