State: Indentation on Holly Bobo's skull consistent with bullet hole

(Photo: MGN Online/Twitter)

State prosecutors said in court Wednesday that an indentation on Holly Bobo's skull is consistent with that of a bullet hole.

Previously, the prosecution had submitted a firearm, which the defense said would be used as evidence and possibly the murder weapon.

The judge also denied another continuance request for Zach Adams, one of the men accused with killing Bobo. The trail date is still set for Sept. 11.

The state said they have more than 200 witnesses that will be called for the trial, including an expert who will talk about an indentation on Bobo's skull which if most commonly consistent with a bullet hole.

The trial is expected to last two weeks.

Holly Bobo's disappearance

Holly Bobo's parents reported her abduction in April 2011. The 20-year-old nursing student was last seen by her bother with a man in camouflage outside her home in Decatur County.

A farmer found Holly Bobo's remains three years later in a Decatur County woods.

Authorities said she was kidnapped, raped and murdered. Before court on Wednesday, no information had been released as to how she might have been murdered.

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