'Somebody could've died' Family speaks out after bullet goes through car, hurts baby

Photo: Hagensee Family

Franklin Police say a suspect fired a shot through the vehicle of an Illinois family driving through Tennessee on Thursday morning. The bullet shattered the back two windows, and the flying glass injured an 11-month-old baby in the back seat.

At around 2:45 a.m., Margaret Bryson drove down I-65 South near Cool Springs Boulevard in Franklin, while five other family members sat fast asleep during the early trip.

Suddenly, she heard a popping sound, followed by the sound of shattered glass in the backseat, and the horrifying realization that her 11-month-old grandson had been hurt.

“All I heard was he was bleeding, and then I saw his head and stuff, and I thought it was worse than what it was,” Bryson said.

The story takes an even darker turn when she pulls over, and she and her sister, Terry Hagensee, realize it had been a bullet passing through the car. It missed their children and grandchildren by just inches.

“Somebody could’ve died,” Hagensee said. “More than one person could’ve died.”

Miraculously, everyone is OK, including the baby. He went to the hospital and was treated for bruises and cuts on his face.

Now, the family is left asking one question: why them?

“It’s just uncalled for, I don’t understand why this happened to us, and why these people are out there,” Hagensee said.

“It was so scary, and I just wanted to know why somebody would do something like that, and it’s not right that someone would sit there and try to hurt a people, a family in a car when I didn’t do nothing,” Hagensee said.

The family continued their trip down to Alabama to support Hagensee’s granddaughter before her third heart surgery.

“It’s not right that you have to worry about traveling to go for your granddaughter’s heart surgery, and then you have to worry about your life getting taken on a highway,” Hagensee said.

Franklin Police are looking for the suspect in a light-colored Dodge Charger or Challenger with blue stripes on the hood and trunk.

"This could've been your family, or my family,” Franklin Police Department Lt. Charles Warner said. “There was no known association, we don't know what led up to this, we don't know why it occurred."

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