Some worry the Swingers Club concern has returned in Madison


MADISON, Tenn -- Administrators of Goodpasture Christian School are worried their battle with a swingers club may not be over after all.

Last year the school and it's supporters spoke out when the owners of the Social club tried to move into a building across the street.

Those owners changed their mind about the move in November after Metro Council and the state passed laws blocking the move but on Saturday night Fox 17 recorded video of people going into the building and at least one arriving by taxi.

Fox 17 sent a photographer there after seeing a notice for a Social Club event Saturday night at an undisclosed location.

"That was not a Social Club event at all it's an organization called United Fellowship," said club attorney Larry Roberts.

Roberts says the new church is run by the owners of the Social Club.

He says the church is for people with various beliefs and principals but it's not a swingers club.

"It's a church now. It's doing things strictly by the law there's absolutely no sexual activity that goes on there," said Roberts.

Fox 17 did some checking and the Social Club's owners do have a permit for a church.

In fact, they had been leasing the building to the Church of His Enduring Grace for several months.

That lease ended when owners evicted the church and gained authority to take possession of the building on Thursday.

Two nights later Roberts says owners held a church event here but administrators of Goodpasture Christian School are skeptical that's really what's going on.

So are parents like Ronald Wade.

"I mean you got a swingers club turn into a church it's suspicious," said Wade.

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