Social media threat against a school in Virginia makes its way to middle Tennessee

Cropped Photo: AL.Eyad / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

A threat made on social media against a school in Virginia has made its way to other states, including Tennessee.

A juvenile has been arrested in connection to a social media threat made to a school in Virginia -- but the SnapChat threat has made its way to the Nashville area.

According the Albemarle County Police Department, a post was found warning students at Moticello High School, in Virginia, to not go to school on Monday. Law enforcement in Virginia say there is no credible threat and the suspect was detained and charged.

FOX 17 News was alerted to the social media threat after parents reached out voicing concerns over McGavock High School and Maplewood High School, since the threat was directed at "MHS."

Metro Nashville Public Schools said security and the Metro Nashville Police Department looked into the threat, and confirmed it was the same threat against the Virginia school. Principals from both Nashville-area high schools have been notified.

The threat has also made its way to other states, including NY.

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