Snap Chat shooting threat lands Wilson County teen in jail


LEBANON, Tenn. -- A teenager is arrested for threatening two students in Wilson County on social media.

Nathan Tomlin, 18, was arrested on Sunday after admitting to making a Snap Chat video in which he threatened to shoot two Lebanon High School students, according to the Lebanon Police Department. He is charged with two counts of harassment.

Police say Tomlin also told them that he was not serious about shooting anybody. In the video, a rifle and ammo are reportedly present, while Tomlin allegedly detailed who each bullet is for. Police confiscated the weapon.

It's something that still concerns some mid-state residents, including Beth Joslin Roth with Safe Tennessee Project.

Roth says, "Lebanon Police did the right thing. you have to take any kind of threat like this seriously. That's not something that anyone should joke around about . In this day in age where we see mass shootings often, I feel it's something that we all have to take very seriously."

There is no threat to students or staff at this time, according to the police department. He is now banned from school property.

Tomlin is booked into the Wilson County Jail. According to the Lebanon police, there are conditions of release.

Roth explains, "Maybe this kid was just joking around, you know teenagers are stupid a mother of teenagers I can attest to that, but now this act of stupidity: playing around with a gun and making this threat, I mean he is going to be in serious trouble now and all of this possibly could've been avoided. So hopefully some people, parents will see the importance of making sure their kids aren't accessing their guns."

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