Shelbyville man arrested during White Nationalist rally speaks out

Man arrested during Shelbyville rally talks with FOX 17 News (WZTV).

SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. -- About an hour into the white nationalist rally held in Shelbyville on Saturday, a local man had been arrested and cited with disorderly conduct.

"I didn’t plan on coming because I was working all weekend and went to get food on my lunch break and decided I would park and come by for 20 minutes or however long I had," says 20-year-old Jack Anderson, of Shelbyville. He says he simply wanted to learn more about White Lives Matter and check out the other side - which in this case had been across the street.

Anderson gave his account of the incident, saying, " A man approached me and asked what my name is and who I’m with, and I told him that’s none of his business and tried to walk past him, and he grabbed me on the arm and said I’m going to hold you until the cops get you. He put me in a headlock and I had other people kinda holding onto my arms and shouting at me - I think they were trying to provoke me."

"About ten seconds later, " Anderson continued, "I twisted out of the headlock without hurting him, I was just trying to get away, and I put my hands up and said don’t touch me with some authority."

That's when Anderson says Shelbyville police on the other side of the barrier called him over, which he did, and they took him into custody and then to jail.

Anderson says he wasn’t being threatening.

"All I did was go over there hoping to talk to people and try to understand this divide, literally, why it’s happening at all," says Anderson. "I can’t understand why they have the opinions they have and I was hoping to shed some light on that for myself and I didn’t have any success."

Anderson had been later released by police and plans on fighting the disorderly conduct citation in court.

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