Search for Humphreys County man continues into third day

Photo courtesy Wiles family

Sunday wraps up the third day friends and family have been desperately searching for 37-year-old Christopher Chad Wiles in Humphreys County.

Police say his truck broke down Thursday night, which is when he disappeared.

His family says Chad Wiles has had a hard life and has made several bad choices, including doing drugs, but he's finally turned all that around.

“He is the most wonderful man in the entire world. He's kind, loving, forgiving,” said girlfriend Michelle McGee.

She says he's now completely free from drugs and they have a great life together.

“He's everything, and I’m not going to be able to live without him, so we've got to find him.”

According to the Humphreys County Sheriff’s Office, his truck broke down on Thursday and he used a phone at someone's house to call for a ride before disappearing.

On Saturday, they found his car outside of a friend’s house.

“It makes absolutely no sense to me that his car was found in front of a house of somebody that he knows and that I know; why didn't he go up there?” McGee asks.

There was heavy rain on Saturday and it's been raining on and off since then, which is why, by day 3, the hope has turned to fear.

“Obviously we're all hoping and praying for the best outcome, but, obviously, we're all scared to death that it's not going to be a good outcome at all,” said his aunt Ann Wiles Burcham.

His aunt says they're afraid he could have fallen asleep in the freezing cold or gotten swept away by the waters, but says that also doesn't make sense because he grew up here and knows the area so well.

They've also talked to neighbors, handed out flyers, and the sheriff's office even has a horse riding up and down looking in ditches.

“Please, please, please just call. We've got to find him,” McGee begs.

The family is asking that if you know anything to please say something, and you can always call the sheriff's office and leave an anonymous tip.

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