Rutherford County woman discovers snake coiled around her legs while driving

6 ft. long snake pulled from vehicle (Photo: Michelle Huss)

A Rutherford County woman driving her vehicle Wednesday morning discovered a surprising guest when she saw a six-foot-long snake curled around her feet.

Rockvale resident Michelle Huss said she loaded six bags of leftover Styrofoam into her van to recycle. She said the material, left from a past construction project, had been sitting outside under a carport for about a year.

Huss said she had picked a snake skin off of the bags before loading them into her car, not thinking anything of it.

“I felt some pressure on my foot, like something moving, touching, rubbing up against my ankle and then across, even with my boots I can still feel it,” Huss said.

“And then I look down and I see this snake that looks like a rattlesnake at first glance, so I just froze and kind of panicked, like oh my god, I’m going to get bit, I’m going to get bit, she said. “There’s a rattlesnake in this car!”

Instead of panicking, Huss said she gently stepped on the breaks, pulling over to the side of the road near the intersection of Burnt Knob Rd. and Almaville Rd.

“I was panicking a little inside, thinking I was going to get bit, but I just knew that I have to do what I have to do,” Huss said. “You gotta not wreck, you can’t wreck, you gotta pull over.”

After she was safe, Huss said she jumped out of the car.

Rutherford County Sheriff’s Deputy Jared Keith responded to the call around 10:30 a.m.

He said he retrieved the snake from the car and returned it safely to an area far away from people.

“I really didn’t think it was that big until I pulled it out of the car, and then when I got it out of the car, I was like, oh, that is kind of big,” Keith said.

Keith said it was a rat snake, which is not venomous.

“Always check the stuff you put in your car, especially if it’s been sitting outside,” Keith said. “You never know what’s going to crawl in it, and then what’s going to crawl out of it once you get inside your vehicle.”

Strangely enough, Huss said she was on her way to an appointment with a pest specialist when she found the snake in her vehicle.

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