Russians, Brazilians arrested in Middle Tennessee bank fraud cases

PHOTOS: Metro Nashville Police

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--Metro Nashville Police have arrested individuals from Russia and Brazil connected to thousands of dollars stolen using skimmers and encoded cards.

Police say on Monday they arrested Alisson Oliveira and Dario Miranda of Brazil for illegally withdrawing thousands of dollars from the First Bank ATM at 1817 West End Avenue.

The next day, Gevorg Sukiasyan and Avetis Greyan of Russia made multiple withdrawals from the Regions Bank ATM at 2111 Abbott Martin Road. The men were found with 199 encoded cards and $3,602 in cash.

Also on Tuesday, police arrested Albert Luca from Brazil attempt to use an ATM at the First Bank 2121 Abbott Martin Road location. The card was declined and police say he went to a nearby Kroger where he tried to use two different cards at that ATM but was declined.

On Wednesday, detectives arrested Evengii Zubkov and Ian Zubkov for making withdrawals at the Regions Bank ATM at 2111 Abbott Martin Road. Inside their vehicle police found 204 encoded cards and $22,899 in cash.

Metro Police say the arrests are the result of a joint operation with the FBI and Secret Service.

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