Residents in a Hendersonville neighborhood concerned after spike of crashes

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HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn.- A car crash wiped out mailboxes and yards Thursday afternoon. It happened just after 2:00 pm on Walton Ferry Road, but similar incidents are raising some concern.

Homeowner, Hank Searles says, "It started up there with their mailbox, came down through that pile of wood; hit this mailbox here; threw the concrete part down into the ditch along with the mailbox and she landed on top of this flower bed here.

Searles placed his torn down mailbox on a bed of rocks on Saturday. But he says this isn’t the first time a crash like this has happened on the 500 block of Walton Ferry Road.

“My neighbor in the back was trying to jump the fence; he didn't know what happened,” Searles explains about this week’s accident, “My daughter and I were in the house and heard this wicked boom and she looked out the window and we came running out to help the lady. “

Fortunately no one is hurt this time. Searles’ family has lived here since 1994. A few years after moving in, a deadly crash that ended up outside their door; killed an 8-year-Old.

“That's just a sad situation, right then and there is when they lowered the speed limit,” Searles says, “The speed limit was lowered to 35 but if you had a radar gun right now, you could clock them at 60. Anytime they want to sit in my driveway with a radar gun, they can make their revenue. You got tractor trailers coming through here, dump trucks especially, concrete trucks...they're not doing 35 mph.”

Meanwhile, yards and mailboxes on the road continue to go...

Searles says, “My late wife said, one time is too many and this is 12 or 13 times we've replaced the mailbox and not counting the fence.”

In the past, Fox 17 News had covered other issues that flooded Searles’ yard. With previous city pipes bursting and repeated car crashes, Searles and his daughter are considering a move themselves...

“I just figured this might bring awareness to the city...they've got a problem here. They all need to slow down and also maybe a caution light here. I think they need to do a road study, not the speed limit. The speed limit of 35 I think is ok.”

Other neighbors we spoke to say they’ve lost 2-3 mailboxes in recent years.

We will continue to follow this story and keep you updated.

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