Accused Tennessee AMBER Alert kidnapper Tad Cummins left note for wife

UPDATE: DA willing to jeopardize criminal case to bring home TN AMBER Alert teen

New details are being released by 22nd District Attorney Brent Cooper regarding AMBER Alert subject Mary Catherine Elizabeth Thomas and her accused kidnapper and former teacher Tad Cummins.

Cooper confirmed to Fox 17 News that Cummins left a letter for his wife on the morning of the disappearance. The details of that note have not been made public, and Cooper believes the note was a diversion to buy Cummins some time by leading law enforcement in the wrong direction. That note is not being released.

Cooper also said Cummins is on medication to control his blood pressure and should be in need of a refill right now. Pharmacy employees are asked to be vigilant in looking for Cummins and Thomas.

The 22nd Judicial District Attorney released this information in efforts to keep interest in the case and possibly generate more leads.

Thomas and Cummins have not been spotted since a few days after their disappearance in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation continues to reiterate to the public that Thomas is in danger.

Anyone who sees Thomas or Cummins should call 911 immediately.

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