Petition for special session to ouster Jeremy Durham sent to legislators today

Representative Jeremy Durham-WZTV FOX Nashville

UPDATE: Speak Beth Harwell's office says a petition is being sent out today to Tennessee House members. The hard copy petition will need to be signed by members who want a special session to be called to expel Rep. Jeremy Durham . Sixty six signatures will be needed.

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--Representative Jason Powell of Tennessee's 53rd District has asked speaker Beth Harwell to launch a special session of the General Assembly to consider the expulsion of Rep. Jeremy Durham.

Powell shared the letter he submitted to Harwell with the media which reads as follows:

"Dear Speaker Beth Harwell:

Please accept this letter as my official request to petition for the convening of a Special Session of the 109th General Assembly to consider the expulsion of Representative Jeremy Durham based upon the findings contained in the Final Report of the Article II, Section 12 Ad Hoc Select Committee submitted on July 13, 2016. The accusations made in the report detailing Rep. Durham’s sexual harassment of 22 women and other inexcusable conduct and disturbing actions while in office require immediate action on behalf of the victims and the citizens of Tennessee. Given Representative Durham’s potential qualification for a lifetime pension, I believe time is of the essence with the impending conclusion of the 109th General Assembly.


Jason L. Powell

State Representative

53rd Legislative District"

Harwell has stated she supports convening a special session which Democrats have called for in the wake of a report accusing Durham of sexually harassing at least 22 women. The report was followed by calls for a special session to expel Durham so he does not receive a lifetime pension.

Speaker Harwell stated "it is up to the members of the Tennessee General Assembly to determine whether he should be expelled, which would ensure he does not receive retirement benefits."

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