Rep. Jeremy Durham calls ouster process unfair


NASHVILLE, Tenn --- The Tennessee House of Representatives could kick embattled State Representative Jeremy Durham out as early as Tuesday morning.

Representatives are at the Capitol for a special session to correct a DUI bill and Monday Representative Susan Lynn made the announcement she'll propose ousting Durham Tuesday.

"It's time to put the House back in order. I think the people of Tennessee expect that," said Lynn.

Durham has been under fire ever since an investigation by the State Attorney General accused him of sexually harassing women at the Capitol.

Monday a group of women with the Nashville Feminist Collective held signs in the seats above lawmakers demanding Durham be fired.

"The bare minimum our state can do for women is ensure a safe workplace," said demonstrator Anna Carella.

During the discussion Representative Rick Womick questioned whether lawmakers even have the right to take up Durham's future when the special session was called for other reasons.

"This is other business. We can not do anymore than what is in the proclamation from the Governor," said Womick.

Representative Durham himself made that same point in an 8 page letter to his fellow Representatives.

Durham didn't attend the session but in the letter he called the ouster a "dangerous precedent."

"Remember, the Attorney General "Report" is nothing more than a collection of anonymous hearsay---not just hearsay--anonymous hearsay," said Durham.

Durham also complained about not getting a fair hearing.

It remains to be seen if he'll be at Tuesday's session.

If the State House does kick him out it will prevent him from being eligible for a pension.

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