Recovering addict says drugs take priority over kids for parents with addictions

Recovering addict says drugs take priority over kids for parents with addictions (MNPD)

Two people overdosed in a Bellevue parking lot on Tuesday night with a 2-year old baby in the back seat of a car.

A recovering addict in Nashville said drug overdoses often leave children to fend for themselves. In this case, Christopher McGill took his two year old son and sister to a fast food restaurant so she could buy heroin.

According to a police affidavit, McGill had already taken three shots of whiskey and some heroin before driving to the Bellevue restaurant.

McGill and his sister were later found by a fast food employee. Officers said the sister was laying on the pavement and Christopher was hanging out the driver side door with the engine still running and his son in the back seat.

On Wednesday, Fox 17 News spoke with a recovering addict about the impact these cases have on children. Shane Fielder is a father who once overdosed on an airplane and said he understands why these stories are becoming more common.

"It's sad to say but it's not top priority," Fielder said. "Your kids are not top priority because you can get so sick from using those drugs.”

In the case of McGill's sister, police said she admitted to shooting up with heroin in the car with her two-year-old nephew. She also told officers she doesn't remember anything else before waking up in the ambulance.

The toddler's mother got him from the scene, and Christopher McGill is charged with child neglect and second offense DUI.

Fielder said the best thing anyone can do for someone with an addiction is to get them help. Treatment centers like Addiction Campuses have hotlines that can be reached by 1-888-816-8415.

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