Rash of construction sites robberies has Latino workers on high alert

Photo: FOX 17 News

A rash of robberies at construction sites have workers on high alert. Almost a dozen workers say crooks held them gunpoint throughout Nashville over the past few months.

Investigators say the criminals are targeting Hispanic workers.

One of those workers tells us he's not surprised. He claims it's normal for him and his co-workers to be targeted.

At around 10 a.m., while a construction crew was hammering away, two men and two guns showed up to their site.

"They feel surprised, and they feel afraid," said one crew member.

It’s a message anyone could understand.

"He didn't understand anything, but he understood he wanted money," said the same crew member.

The robbers made off with a couple hundred dollars, and then just a half hour later, and two miles away, another robbery. A construction crew was working on the third floor minding their own business.

"They take the money, they take the wallet, they take the phones and they make them scared," said the owner of the home that’s being built.

They were left scared, high and dry.

"One of these guys I was talk to, he was really scared, he not working right now, because he doesn't have a drivers license, ID, all these guys have families and kids,” said the same home owner. “And they want to support them and right now, they are out of a job."

And here's the part that the homeowner says just isn't right.

The construction worker FOX 17 News talked to explained, "For Latinos, Hispanic people it's normal."

The construction workers said they almost expect it to happen.

"People think because, no speak English, it's a problem for us, maybe feel afraid, call the police, fear the deporting, but we need work," the worker said.

At least six more locations across Nashville were robbed all within the last couple of weeks.

The construction workers say they aren't sure what exactly anyone can do to help.

But police say if you see anything that looks suspicious in your neighborhood, say something.

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