Rain completely washes out Dickson bridge

Photo: FOX 17 News

Roadway crews in Dickson have been working around the clock.

A number of roads are still impassable in the area after Wednesday’s rain. A bridge near Willow Branch and Liberty Road was completely washed out.

Linda Wright, who lives right next to the bridge, said she couldn’t sleep all night long.

“It gets up to the base of it,” Wright said. She explained that water washes down off a steep hill and covers the bridge.

She called 911, anticipating the looming danger.

“I could hear it roaring, this awful roar, and then I knew because it did the same thing in 2010, that the water was over the bridge,” said Wright.

She’s thankful that no one drove across the bridge.

“They wound have never got out,” said Wright.

You might call it déjà vu, once again crews are putting the bridge back together. A couple days of work are required. Crews are not sure about a price tag yet.

Meanwhile, off Highway 46, there’s another obstruction causing concern.

Tim Southerland works at a a Dickson business right next to a sinkhole that’s getting a lot of attention.

“Last night it looked like a geyser,” Southerland said.

The sinkhole has received quite the reputation around the city over the last year.

“People wanting to swim in the sinkhole, people with fishing poles beside the sinkhole, it’s become pretty comical along the way,” said Southerland.

However, Wednesday night, Southerland wasn’t laughing.

“It’s real dangerous, yesterday we had almost both lanes on this side of the road blocked off, due to the water going across. Someone could hydroplane and get hurt really easily,” Southerland said.

That’s exactly what kept Wright up all night long.

“If you find water over the road, just turn around,” Wright advised.

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