Questions remain after young mother found dismembered in KY river

Kristen Edwards, of Barren County, Ky., was found dismembered in a tote bag floating down a river in Kentucky. (WDRB/Facebook)

A young Kentucky mother is the woman found dismembered over the weekend in a tote bag in the Green River.

Family, friends and investigators are all trying to piece together the time of Kristen Edwards’ final days, trying to figure out when the 22 year old was killed.

In the meantime, investigators have said nothing about who could've done this, and why.

"It takes a cruel mind to do something like that," Edwards’ friend Cameron Kendall said.

Kristen Edwards, believed to be brutally murdered.

The details of the 22-year-old's death are too disturbing for her friends.

"She never caused any kind of harm, drama, she was never about no trouble, just a quiet girl," Kendall said.

Early Saturday, a fisherman found a tote bag in the Green River with a dismembered body inside. By Tuesday, Kentucky State Police confirmed what Kendall feared, the body was that of his longtime friend.

Edwards was a mother of two, living in Barren County.

"I mean, there's some tragedies that happen here and there but not the way she was murdered and the way she was found," Kendall said.

Investigators have not released any information about how or when they believe Edwards died.

As they piece together the timeline of her last moments, loved ones do the same.

“Nothing out of the ordinary to make me cause suspicion, or that she was in any kind of harm or nothing," Kendall said.

Then, there's Edwards' chilling last post to Facebook.

Provided by her family, the post is dated nearly two weeks ago, July 14th.

"Somehow I know there's more to life than this," the post read.

With no insight into who could have taken Edwards' life, Kendall focuses on remembering the woman he describes as a quiet, country girl.

“Never forget Kristen, she's locked in my brain forever," Kendall said.

So far, no one has been charged with this murder. Was Edwards ever officially reported missing? Several agencies in and around Barren County say they are still trying to figure that out.

The family said, Edwards was reported missing.

Edwards did not show up in the National Missing Persons database.

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