Federal budget cuts could have dramatic impact in midstate


The Metro Arts Commission says cuts to the National Endowment for the Arts could have a dramatic impact locally.

Several programs that assist disabled and homebound seniors are also at risk.

Federal budget cuts will eliminate national funding for the Meals to on Wheels a program that feeds more than two million homebound seniors.

Janet Jernigan says Davidson County's meals on Wheels program is safe since its paid for by private donors, but other programs are at risk.

"We also have some federal funding for our adult day services program. That's a five day a week program where people come out either with intellectual or physical disabilities,” said Jernigan.

Jernigan estimates her agency Fifty Forward could lose $600,000 to $700,00 through cuts to the Department of Health and Human Services and could cost taxpayers more in the long run.

"If that person is not able to continue to live at home, assisted living now is going to cost you about $60,000 a year. 123614-- it's a tremendous difference," said Jernigan.

Dewana Wade is worried because The National Endowment for the Arts is also on the chopping block.

"If Metro and Arts, Tennessee if metro government and the NEA are cut those things definitely trickle down negatively affect us." said Wade. 112252

Wade Heads Salama which provides after school tutoring, meals and arts education for families in the Edgehill Community.

''When I say organizations have a lot to lose. The children ultimately have a lot to lose and so they don't have the same opportunities that they're more affluent counterparts and for us that's an injustice," said Wade.

Public art around the city are popular with local and tourists and According to the The Metro Arts Commission, in 2015/2016 the NEA invested more than 2.1 million in Nashville artists and Nashville organizations.

Like public art agencies facing cuts are hoping their funding remains in place.

" All of these things that contribute to the quality of life for people in our community are so important,” said Jernigan

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