Pregnant Antioch rape victim suffers pelvic fractures; State wants teen tried as adult

FOX 17 News

The teen accused of raping and robbing a pregnant woman in her own Antioch apartment appeared in juvenile court Friday. The state moved to try Dantis Lakka-Lako, 17, as an adult.

Nehyzer Andrade and his parents live in a first floor apartment in the Overlook Apartment Homes. Two floors above them is where Metro Police say the teen stole from and raped a 30-year-old pregnant woman.

“He said he heard something in the wall like steps,” Andrade said.

Nehyzer Andrade is interpreting for his parents. His dad saw the woman jump from her third story apartment and run for help.

“He said that he saw a person walking with her hand on her back, and she was walking towards someone's house,” Andrade said.

In court, a detective explained the victim has pelvic fractures, severe bruising and can't walk. Now, she's recovering in a rehab center. There is no update on the condition of the baby.

“She said that we feel bad for her and we hope to God that she feels better,” Andrade interpreted for his mom,

Also in court, the detective testified that Lakka-Lako admitted to police that he hid in the apartment with a knife and demanded money from the victim. The detective said the teen admitted he tried to rape her, but claims he couldn't. However, a rape kit shows someone did.

Juvenile attorney Dana Mclendon says it’s very possible the case will be moved from juvenile to criminal court.

“For someone that's facing rape or aggravated rape charge, if they were 14 or older at the time of the alleged act, then they could be faced with a transfer to adult court,” Mclendon said.

So, Lakka-Lako could be facing higher consequences if he's convicted of this brutal attack.

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