Preds Smash Plane donated by Smyrna Airport

(Fox 17 News)

The plane unveiled Friday for Nashville Predators fans to smash in the plaza outside Bridgestone Arena was donated from the Smyrna Airport.

The largely tin airplane will be replaced by a car again once its crumpled from the force of 1,000 hammer hits during the Preds -Jets series.

“We had a car lined up for over a week, and it’s sitting in the junkyard, but come Sunday night, Monday, we said we have to up the ante,” said Rebecca King, who works in the Predators Community Relations office.

Fans lined up more than three hours before game one Friday to get their swings. Twenty dollars buys you three hits and a Mike Fisher t-shirt.

“Was really good to go ahead and hit that plane — especially with that logo on it,” said Ron Scott, a Nashvillian from Inglewood. “On day one, to be able to break in that paint wreak some havoc on it, awesome.”

Winnipeg Jets fans liked the gimmick, but they gave Predators fans plenty of good natured ribbing from outside the fenced perimeter.

“A couple friends back home are saying that I should pay a donation and get in there and try to buff some of those marks out,” said Patrick Finley, whose boss bought him tickets.

The plane weighs more than 1,000 pounds and was painted by four local artists.

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