PREDS PLAYOFF RUN: Four catfish will be in the tank at Bridgestone Arena

Gill is the first catfish to be in the tank at Bridgestone Arena (FOX 17 News)

Smashvillians making their way to Bridgestone Arena will now be greeted by what has become a beloved badge of honor for fans.

Four catfish will be in the new fish tank at the downtown venue. "Gill" was the first catfish to be added and his friend "Ben" will be joining him soon.

The other two fish haven't been named yet, but Bridgestone will be having social media polls to come up with ideas.

So how did catfish become a thing in Nashville? Here's the story from AP:

This fish tale stretches from the home of one of the Original Six NHL franchises to what once was one of Nashville's seediest neighborhoods a generation ago, following the long and twisting path of a man who has been a country music drummer, disc jockey, chef and restaurant owner. And, as he tells it, Nashville's original catfish chucker.

That man is Bob Wolf, and he feels his need for secrecy finally is at an end.

Nashville's catfish tradition is well known around here, but it became national news during last year's playoffs thanks to Jacob Waddell, 36 .

After an extraordinary effort to conceal a flattened catfish on his person, Waddell threw it onto the ice - in Pittsburgh. The Predators then scored three goals before Pittsburgh pulled out a 5-3 win in the opener. Waddell was charged with disorderly conduct, possessing "instruments of crime" and disrupting meetings or processions before they were withdrawn.

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