Police warn public places give people false sense of security for online transactions

(Fox 17 News)

As the midstate sees multiple shootings and armed robberies during online sale exchanges, Goodlettsville police said public places are giving people a false sense of security.

The latest shooting happened Thursday night near Kroger on Charlotte Avenue in West Nashville.

It’s a busy area where people like TSU student Jhonna King do their grocery shopping. But King said she’d never shop on Craigslist.

“There's too many crazy people out here to do stuff like that,” King said.

West Nashville neighbor Brad Gould said he met his wife online. But Gould said meeting a stranger for an online sale is not worth the risk of being robbed or worse.

“It's happening more and more every day and it's getting worse,” Gould said. “And there's no policing of those sites I guess is the best way to describe it.”

Parking lots of grocery stores and shopping centers still have risks.

“You're thinking if you come to somewhere like here you'll be safe,” King said. “Like nobody will try to rob you or something like that where's there's so many people. But people don't care anymore!”

Detective Les Carlisle with Goodlettsville Police says criminals are bold and will still cause harm with a lot of people around.

Carlisle recommended making the exchange in a safe trade zone like the ones in the Goodlettsville Police Department parking lot.

Cameras are pointed at the parking spots and if there’s an issue during the exchange Carlisle walked through the steps people can take to get help.

“The person can come to the front door of the police department,” Carlisle said. “And all they have to do is come in and we have a red phone and all do is pick up the phone and it goes directly to the dispatcher.”

Carlisle said when people buy or sell a bigger item with a lot of money involved, they’re at a high risk.

“We see a lot of times that they want to take a test drive your vehicle and what they do is they get in it and they drive off and they just don't come back,” Detective Carlisle said.

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