Police searching for driver who crashed into Oak Ridge Boys tour bus and fled


Hendersonville Police are searching for the driver they said crashed into the Oak Ridge Boys' tour bus, was chased down by one of the stars, then fled.

It happened back on May 10 near New Shackle Island Road and Midtown Court. At about 10:15 p.m. that evening, police say a black Kia Soul hit the tour bus.

Oak Ridge Boys' Jon Bonsall, who will turn 70 soon, was inside watching a hockey game when he told FOX 17 News that the "whole bus shook like something had hit it."

Bonsall was able to chase after the vehicle before it got too far away. He then confronted the driver, described by police as a female, who told Bonsall that she had "hit a curb."

"And I said, ‘No, you hit our bus…come on around with me to get information,' then they squealed out of the lot,” Bonsall said.

The investigation to find the driver is still ongoing. Police say the vehicle should have left side rear-end damage.

Anyone who sees a vehicle matching the description should call the Hendersonville Police Department at 615-822-1111 and ask to speak with Officer Hale or Officer J. Harris.

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