Police: Nashville man jumped from apartment balcony to avoid getting shot

Keith Cossie-Metro Nashville Police

Police responded to a domestic violence call made by an anonymous women at an apartment complex on Creekwood drive which led to a man jumping from the second floor to save his life.

Police say, Keith Cossie, 31 arrived at his girlfriend's apartment on May 6 and when she wouldn't let him in, he immediately started banging on windows and doors.

Cossie, still banging on doors and windows, pulled out a handgun and began to fire at the girlfriend's cousin who she lives with. The cousin then jumped from the second floor balcony and ran to avoid being shot.

Cossie's girlfriend then called police again from a nearby complex, to report shots being fired in the breezeway of the building on Creekwood Drive.

By the time police arrived on the scene, Cossie had fled, and the girlfriend refused to give any information about him. Since the cousin did not know Cossie, he was unable to give any information about his identity either.

Through past reports filed with police, officers were able to find and identify Keith Cossie as the defendant.

He is now being charged with aggravated assault with deadly weapon and being held on a $10,000 bond.

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