Metro Nashville Police discover heroin while investigating a bomb threat

Metro Nashville Police

While responding to bomb threat call on Friday, Metro Nashville Police say they found heroin instead of bombs.

Police reported that Nicholas Mattox first stated seeing a bomb in a guest room and his bedroom. However, he later changed his story to he never saw any bombs at his residence once police told them that they didn't find any.

While patting down Mattox to make sure he had nothing illegal on him the police noticed a plastic straw sticking out of his pocket along with a plastic baggie full of white/brown powder. Police did not test the drugs since they could potentially be laced with dangerous narcotics.

Police decided he was intoxicated by substances other than alcohol because of his dilated pupils and slurred speech.

Mattox has been charged with possession and public intoxication. He is now awaiting a trial on a $100,000 bond.

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