Police said prostitutes caused major crash near Trinity Lane

(Fox 17 News)

Fox 17 News is learning more about a crash that backed up traffic on Trinity Lane during the morning commute on Friday.

Metro Police said it started with a bizarre ploy by a couple of prostitutes at the Ravin Hotel.

"This is the Ravin, and there's always strange things that go on here," said Michael, a guest at the Ravin Hotel.

People who live or work near the Ravin Hotel on Brick Church Pike said an event like this is not shocking.

The crash started in the Ravin Hotel parking lot. Police said a driver pulled over, got out to solicit a prostitute for sex and left his truck running.

That's when a second prostitute got behind the wheel, drove in circles around the parking lot and demanded money. When the man tried to reclaim control of his blue truck by reaching in to grab the steering wheel, the woman drove onto Brick Church Pike and hit a white van.

"Somebody stepped out of the blue truck and hollered, 'that's what you get!' and ran off," said Ravin Hotel resident Bruce Woodland. "I went back into the house and said, 'baby there's a bad wreck out there, hope nobody's hurt.'"

Everyone's safe, but people staying at the Ravin said this sort of thing happens far too often and they'd like to see increased security.

"I don't stay here a lot because of the activity that goes around," Michael said.

According to Metro Police, officers got called to the Ravin Hotel more than 400 times last year. The reports range from fights to dead people.

"I worry about everybody here because a lot of people that come down here who don't live here, and they bring trouble," Woodland said. "I sometimes don't get to bed, I stay up all night."

As for why the business is still allowed to operate, Metro Police said there's a lot of working parts to get an injunction from the court, and it's a long process.

"There's stuff that goes on around here that not everybody needs to be here," Michael said. "There's some good people here, and some not so good people here."

Officers are not aware of any effort to shut it down.

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