Police issue warning on three detailed scams robbing Tennesseans of their money

Clarksville Police are warning the public about three different scams targeting residents in the mid-state.

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn.--Clarksville Police are warning the public about three different scams targeting residents in the mid-state.

The first scam was detailed, with the caller knowing the social security number of the victim's husband, the name of a lender the couple had a loan through, and used an actual courthouse phone number.

The caller threatened the victim by saying if she did not pay $670.49 due to the financial institution, a warrant would be issued for her husband's arrest. Using the husband's social security number and noting the financial institution, the victim believed the scam and gave the caller her debit card number.

The money was taken from the account but when the victim called, the court and financial institution had no record of such legal actions.

The second scam involved a purchase of a motorcycle on Offerup, a person-to-person commerce site. The victim purchased a motorcycle for $2,500 but the seller stated they didn't have a title at the time. A week later, the scammer showed up to the buyer's home, stated they would take the bike to get the title and return, but instead were never seen again.

The final scam also took advantage of a commerce site, this time using The scammer posted a home for rent on the site and requested the victim fill out a credit application. After 'being approved,' the scammer then corresponded with the victim, getting deposits and rent valued at $1,400 total.

When it was time to meet the "renter" at the property, nobody showed up and the victim was unable to make contact. The rental posting for the 912 Cindy Jo Court home had also been taken down for a few days, but showed back up on the site a few days later.

While the scams involved the Clarksville area, FOX 17 News has previously reported on similar scams that have taken place in Murfreesboro and Davidson County.

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