Police investigating 'bump and rob' armed robberies in Brentwood, Nashville

(Fox 17 News)

Police in both Nashville and Brentwood are investigating a 'bump and rob' armed robberies over the last few days.

Metro Nashville Police said a 26-year-old man was shot last night on Highway 100 and Old Hickory Boulevard on Monday night. He stopped in his car after a group of teenagers hit the back of his vehicle with their dark grey Honda or Nissan sedan.

When the victim got out of the car to check on the damage, police said the gunman got out of the passenger side of the sedan, ran up to the victim and demanded his belongings. According to witnesses, the victim was shot after he attempted to push away from the gunman.

A similar incident happened in Brentwood at Belle Rive Drive and Granny White Pike after woman's purse was stolen at gunpoint. Brentwood Police said a dark sedan bumped her car from behind. When she got out o check the damage, two men got out of the car with a handgun and demanded her purse.

Police described the suspects as two black teenagers, approximately 5’4” to 5’6” tall with slim builds.

Bellevue drivers were surprised to hear about the bump and rob incidents on Monday night.

“I had an incident where somebody ran into the back of me years and years ago,” James DeLoach said. "We pulled over like we were gonna exchange info. I got out and they took off so it was the opposite but same kind of thing where I wasn't thinking and just going on auto pilot."

“I've never heard anybody wanting to hit somebodies car and rob them afterwards,” Nadaysia Hatton said.

Anyone with information about these incidents should call Metro Police at Brentwood Police at (615)371-0160.

Tips from police for 'bump and rob' incidents

Police said to be aware of your surroundings. Many times the suspects will follow for a distance before making a move.

If you are uneasy, activate your hazard lights and continue driving to a populated and well-lit area. Call police and motion to the other driver that you are moving.

Evaluate the actions of the other driver before getting out of your car. If you see something suspicious, pull away and call police.

If you have any information on these crimes contact police.

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