Police identify second suspect in robbery, shooting at Springfield home


Springfield Police identified a Greenbrier man wanted in connection to an attempted robbery on Tuesday night.

Police said William Troup, 34, and Blayne Basler posed as bail bondsmen to force their way into a home on Batts Blvd. Once inside, the man tied up everyone in the home with zip ties and attempted to rob them.

One woman was shot in the arm and another person was shot multiple times during the robbery.

Officers arrested Troup for specially aggravated burglary and criminal attempt to commit first degree murder.

Basler is still on the run and considered to be armed and dangerous. He was last seen near Dickerson Pike in Nashville. He is described as a white man standing 5'11" with blue eyes and brown hair.

Neighbors in the area said this part of Springfield is no stranger to criminal activity.

One neighbor, who has lived in the area for three years but didn’t wish to be identified, said she has seen what appeared to be drug deals in her own driveway.

“And I still see occasionally see things that I think are suspicious," the neighbor said. "People running up into a driveway, and somebody pulls up quickly, and there’s a quick talk and also I’m sure we’ve seen prostitution deals go down. It just goes with the territory."

When she heard about the attempted robbery, pistol-whipping and shooting, the Springfield neighbor said she wasn’t surprised.

“That behavior normally in a neighborhood like this comes with people," the neighbor said. "Not necessarily saying these people, but a lot of times it comes with people when at least they suspect there’s illegal activity and there’s large amounts of cash and large amounts of drugs."

While police did not say whether the crime is drug-related, or if the suspects and victims knew each other or not, they did know that the two suspects posed as bail bondsmen.

Police said it is common for bail bondsmen to make house visits, even late at night.

“Normally they go and look for them at the house,” Springfield Police Lt. William Watkins said. "So this is pretty common for a bail bondsmen, going and looking for the person who they got out on bond, to get them to come to court or arrest them, or whatever they do."

As police continue to search for the second suspect, neighbors hope crime in the area decreases.

“It makes me a little nervous, but I trust that the neighborhood will continue to turn around," the neighbor said.

Anyone with information should call Detective Charles Bogle at 615-384-4911.

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