Madison Burglar Captured by K-9, Partner

11-30 arrest.png

UPDATE : Metro Police say the suspect charged with two aggravated burglaries in Madison this morning is 36-year-old David Lauderdale.

Lauderdale is a convicted felon who broke into the homes, stealing a television from each residence. During the second theft, the homeowner was still inside the home and hid inside the closet. The woman was able to call police and alert them to the burglary in progress.

When police responded, two officers found a dark colored SUV believed to belong to the suspect. The officers did not believe the suspect was inside of the vehicle at the time but as they approached, the SUV was thrown into reverse. Fearing for their lives, police say the officers each fired at the SUV, striking the vehicle. Nobody was injured as a result.

Lauderdale then jumped out of the SUV and tried to flee. That is when police say K-9 officer "Echo" and partner J.D. Young apprehended Lauderdale.

UPDATE: (8:30am)--Police have taken the suspect into custody and are clearing the perimeter in Madison.

NASHVILLE, Tenn.-- Metro police are involved in a police chase in Madison according to dispatchers.

According to police, the situation is taking place near Nesbitt Lane and N. Graycroft Avenue. It is unclear what started the chase.

Preliminary reports from the scene are shots were fired, though unclear who fired the shots and if there are any injuries. A perimeter has been set up around Nesbitt Lane, N. Graycroft Ave, Williams Avenue and Diane Drive.

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