PHOTOS: Country star Ricky Skaggs helps & prays with passengers at the airport

Courtesy Absolute Publicity Inc.

"I wanted my friends to see what a person who follows Jesus looks like.... So I took a few pics of it." - Dennis Parker on Ricky Skaggs

The soon-to-be Country Music Hall of Famer Ricky Skaggs is one of the industry's most beloved stars for his talent and his kind nature.

Recently, that nature was on full display as Skaggs helped out folks at the airport waiting for a flight from San Francisco to Nashville.

His bandmate Dennis Parker took photos as Skaggs, even with a torn muscle in his right arm, was seen helping an elderly woman.

"I see Ricky with a lil elderly woman and I walk over toward him. He's got this concerned look on his face. He says this lady's gotta get on her flight, she's at the wrong airline check," Parker wrote.

Skaggs then grabbed one of the woman's bags, even with his bad arm, and walks towards the Delta desk, only to find out that the woman's flight is actually on United Airlines.

"An assistant with Delta gets us a cart but can't help us get a wheelchair because airlines can't assist other airlines. 'Company policy,'" Parker wrote.

Not only did Skaggs and Parker help the elderly woman out, Parker said he watched as Skaggs put his hands on the "sweet woman" and pray for her.

But Skaggs' kindness didn't stop there. Later, Parker saw Skaggs helping a woman who couldn't speak much English at another airline kiosk.

"I think Ricky would miss his flight before he'd let someone else miss theirs," Parker wrote and went to on to that "helping others is just the right thing to do."

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