Owners to close Paradise Park in July for new Lower Broadway establishment


Owners say Paradise Park on Lower Broadway will close its doors next month.

Cheap pitchers of beer, chicken tenders, tater tots, AstroTurf and good music are just a few things locals and tourists alike love about Paradise Park.

"Paradise Park is officially one of the first bars I remember walking past on the Broadway strip," said Tres Wittum, a 10-year Nashville resident.

“Paradise Park is the place that you're going to either start or end,” Wittum said. "You're either going to start because they'll offer you $6 pitchers. You can get your food game on with tots and cheese, chicken tenders, patty melts. It's the same reason why you might end your night there; $6 dollar pitchers, tots, patty melts."

Paradise Park first opened in 2007. On one side it's a bar. On the other side there's food. The opening really helped spur more growth on Lower Broadway.

Nashville natives Max Goldberg and his brother Benjamin originally opened the establishment with Strategic Hospitality.

They have decided to close it next month to build something new. New is exactly what has overhauled Lower Broadway with brand new establishments up and going up everyday.

“Nashville is a booming city," Goldberg said. "I think Nashville is the most exciting city in the world right now, and I think Lower Broad is a critical part of that so I welcome everything that's happening right now. Couldn't be more excited about what some of our peers are doing."

Not everyone is happy about the decision to close Paradise Park, and Max Goldberg had this to say to fans of the establishment.

"I would ask those folks who are upset again, thank you, but take a leap of faith with us and know that we are really excited for what the new project will be,” Goldberg said.

As for the details of the 2019 new concept, Strategic Hospitality has not released details.

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